Facts You Should Know About Water Heaters

Thu, 6 Apr 2023

Water heaters are appliances that are used to heat and store water for various purposes, such as domestic hot water or swimming pool heating. They use a variety of energy sources, such as electricity, gas, or solar power, to heat the water, which is then stored in a tank or circulated through a system.

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, solar heating systems are the top choice. Solar heater systems are devices that use energy from the sun to heat water or air for domestic or industrial purposes. 

Such systems can reduce utility bills, lower carbon footprints, and provide an alternative to traditional methods of heating. With a heated water tank, you will be saving the earth by conserving energy and water. 

There are two main types of solar heater systems - passive and active. Passive systems rely on natural convection or gravity to circulate the water or air, while active systems use pumps or fans to move the heated fluid.

In a typical solar hot water system, water is heated by solar energy collected by solar panels or collectors, which are typically installed on the roof of a building. The heated water is then stored in an insulated tank for later use.


Facts about water heaters 

The traditional and the old age water heating systems have been replaced by cost efficient and environmentally friendly water heaters, which are essential to turning the cold water supplied from the pipes into the hot water used for showers, dishes, and laundry.  

The following are some interesting facts about water heaters: 

  • About 25% of home energy usage comes from a water heater

Water heating makes a full-size difference to family energy bills. For exceptional outcomes, user must search for a power-efficient water heater, such as a solar water heater

  • Lifespan of a water heater 

The investment put on a typical tank water heater lasts for approx. 13 years, while a tankless water heater lasts around 20 years. 

  • There are country that obtains 100% of its energy and heat

Iceland is a shining example as a country that obtains 100% of its energy and heat from renewable sources. Iceland meets their heating and warm water desires geothermally. They are also the sector leader in harnessing warm water as a supply of renewable energy from their six hundred plus warm spring regions.

  • Water heaters that use natural energy

Solar water heaters and geothermal water heaters use natural energy to warm water at a very efficient cost.  

  • Solar water heaters have been around for over 100 years

The first patented solar water heater was developed by Clarence Kemp in 1891, and it used a black-painted tank to absorb sunlight and heat the water. 

  • Solar water heaters can save you money

While the initial installation cost of a solar water heater may be higher than a traditional heater, over time, it can save you money on energy bills by using free, renewable energy from the sun.  

  • Utilisation 

An average family of four makes use of roughly 227 litres of warm water an afternoon. Repairing the leak pipes, taking brief showers, and occasional float fixtures can help in saving water. 


In a Nutshell 

Solar water heaters are environmentally friendly, sustainable devices to warm water with almost zero carbon footprint. In fact, the solar water heater is the most eco-friendly water heater, as it doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases or other pollutants into the surroundings.

Solar Mate brings an affordable and long lasting solar panel for modular and stylish domestic fixtures. The sheets are designed with low emission and excessive warmth absorbance. 

SolarMate makes use of laser soldering for a slim touch and better conductivity. It is also packed with well rounded insulation, high density fibreglass and double silicone sealing as safety measures.  

While the initial price of installation may seem a tad prohibitive, the cost pays for itself in the long run. Once installed and configured as required, the SolarMate solar water heating system needs minimal care and maintenance.