Solar Hot Water Systems

How much do I save by installing a solar hot water system for my house?

A solar hot water system would save you about RM1,000 per system of your yearly water heating bill. The exact amount of savings depends upon the size of your family, the way you currently heat your water and the size of your new solar hot water system.
Environmental friendly
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Excellent Durability

Solarmate solar hot water systems can last for more than more than 15 years. Since the inception in 1980, Solarmate has  thousands of installations that lasted more than 2 decades.

Hassle Free

Solarmate solar hot water systems require minimal maintenance and can be as infrequent as every 3–5 years. In Malaysia, Solarmate also provides maintenance checkups for a minimal fee. These can be beneficial in extending the life of the system and ensuring optimum performance.

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  • Premium solar, design & manufactured for durability
  • 100% Rust Proof
  • High Heat Retention
  • Efficient Heat Absorption
  • Back up heater
  • 10-year Warranty