Technically, you can get free hot water almost everyday with the Solarmate hot water system.

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Adapt to new heating technology, make hot water available for the commercial buildings or business.

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Water heaters or pre-heaters, you name it. Solarmate is ready to help you in designing a heating solution for your applications.

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Pool & Spa

Extend the swimming interest with Solarmate pool and spa heaters at any scale, don’t let the cold water in the pool become an obstructive reason.

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Heat it up with SolarMate

Providing you the complete solution for water heating

In 2019 with the latest acquisition by Waterco, SolarMate has actively venture into sustainable heating technology under the brand name of ElectroHeat. SolarMate now provides not only for solar hot water system but also heat pump for residential, commercial building, industrial, swimming pool & spa.

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Solar energy is good for your home,
your electricity bill and the planet.”