Does a Solar Water Heater Truly Save You Money

Thu, 3 Nov 2022

With the rising energy costs in Malaysia, people are regularly looking for alternative ways to generate energy to heat the water in their homes. A top, reliable, and economical way to generate hot water for your family is with a solar water heater.

Solar water heaters are devices that capture sunlight to heat water. A solar heater saves energy costs as sunlight is free, in contrast to fossil fuels. 


How Does a Solar Water Heater Work? 

A solar water heater absorbs sunlight through a collector placed on the roof of a building. The heat passes through a circulating pump and into a water tank. The heat transfer happens when the collector is hotter than the water in the tank.

Advantages of a Solar Water Heater

1. Energy Savings

Green energy is gaining in popularity among Malaysians, partly because of how it conserves energy. The energy used in generating hot water is solar energy and, therefore, renewable. 

Studies show that Malaysia receives about six hours of direct sunlight per day, making energy saving possible all year round.


2. Money Savings

One of the reasons why solar water heaters are smart investments is that they reduce your utility bills. Unlike with fossil fuels, heat energy is produced using free solar energy. 

In these challenging economic times, generating heat using fossil fuels can be costly. Imagine what you could do with all the money you save every month on your energy bills after you have installed solar water heaters.

Additionally, with solar water heaters heating the water in your home at no cost, you’re guaranteed free hot water that’s always available for use.


3. Eco Friendliness

Solar water heaters come in handy at a time when the world is looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions and save the environment from its hazardous effects.

A solar water heater can prevent 5,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide and 20 lbs. of sulphur dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. The solar energy used is clean and renewable. Because there is no carbon emission, the atmosphere becomes healthier and safer.

The energy-saving and zero carbon emission features of solar water heaters enable users to depend less on fossil fuels.


4. Minimal Maintenance Costs

A solar hot water system does not have significant maintenance requirements. Plumbers can easily repair leakages in the plumbing system. Also, scale deposits in the collector can be easily cleaned. The dust deposited on the glass surface must be wiped off once every five days.

The water in the solar tank is kept at the right level with the help of an automatic level controller. Thanks to the low maintenance costs of solar water heaters, significant amounts of money are saved.


5. Designed for Durability

Solar hot water systems have a long lifespan of 10-25 years before they need to be replaced. This is longer than that of water heaters dependent on fossil fuels. The body is designed with materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and elements that can damage solar water heaters.

As long as regular maintenance is performed and the solar water heater is kept in good condition, it will last as long as possible.


How Much Can You Save by Installing a Solar Water Heater?

Many Malaysian homeowners are wondering if installing a solar water heater is worth it. In fact, a solar water heater system is the most cost-effective way to provide steady hot water for your home while saving significant amounts of money. 

But exactly how much does it save you? A solar water system will save you up to RM1,000 per system on your annual water heating bills. 

However, the amount of savings it racks up depends on the size of the family, how frequently the solar water heater system is used, and the size of the solar water heater system.


All in all

A solar hot water system is a cost-effective way to generate hot water in your home. The SolarMate Sapphire Water Heater, one of the most popular solar heaters in Malaysia, is designed to meet all your solar heating system needs. 

Built with higher heat absorbance and lower emittance, this durable, high tech all-weather solar heating system will meet your heating needs even on cloudy days.