Commercial Solar Water Heater Maintenance Checklist

Fri, 11 Dec 2020

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What are Solar Water Heaters?


Commercial solar water heating systems utilize energy from the sun to heat water. This advanced hot water system is an efficient and sustainable method used in countries that receive a good amount of sunlight, such as Malaysia. 


Maintenance Checklist

As time goes on, commercial solar water heaters require maintenance and repairs to keep them functioning at an optimal level. After installation, many owners fail to realize that the components are subject to corrosion. To prevent this from happening, you need to routinely inspect them to ensure they are in good shape.

There are some solar water heater maintenances that you may be able to carry out on your own, while others will require the assistance of a technician. For those that you can handle yourself, there are some maintenance tips that you need to adhere to. Here are some tips!


1. Check the Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve

To ensure that there are no leaks in the temperature-pressure relief valve, you have to annually inspect it. Quickly discharging it two or three times will enable you to detect any faults.


2. Check for Collector Shading

For a commercial solar water heater to function properly, there should be no collector shading. Check for collector shading during midday, annually. Vegetation growth over time can shade the collector, minimizing its operational efficiency.


3. Roof Cracks

Solar water heaters are normally installed on a roof. The roof should be visually checked to see if the sealants are in good condition and there are no cracks. When the roof is in good condition, the solar water heater and the hot water system will sit on it properly and perform its function.


4. Check the Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts are the support structures that keep the solar water heater in a fixed and strong position to collect energy. Check the support structures and see that they are tight enough to hold the solar water heater onto its structure.


5. Check for Cracks on the Collector Glazing

Collectors are glazed to keep them in working condition for a long time. Visually inspect the collector glazing to see if there are cracks. If the collector glazing colour is excessively fading, it could be a cue to replace it.


6. Storage Tanks

The storage system should be free from corrosion, cracks or leaks. The storage system should be checked regularly to ensure that it does not have any deformation. If one is spotted, repair should be carried out at once. Drain a quarter of the storage tank a few times yearly to remove collected debris. 


7. Inspect for Corrosion

Commercial solar water heaters are made of steel and this makes them vulnerable to corrosion. They are anodized to protect the system from corrosion and should be inspected yearly to ensure they are working properly.


In a Nutshell 

You can easily detect some solar water heater issues on your own. However, some issues require a trained professional. To ensure that your solar water heaters are in good condition, inspection should be done every 4 to 6 months by a certified solar technician. For further enquiries and professional advice, please feel free to get in touch with our specialists.