The Environmental Benefits of Using A Solar Water Heater System

Wed, 17 May 2023

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A solar water heater is considered one of the most efficient and environment-friendly appliances that can be used for daily water requirements.   

Compared to an electric water heater, a solar one is considered more reliable and environmentally friendly. It consumes power directly from the sun and uses it for heating water without any other harmful effects.  

Moreover, solar water heater systems are considered one of the convenient options as there is no other requirement for energy grids or additional tools other than the energy from the sun, which is available freely and abundantly. This makes it a preferred choice among environmentally conscious individuals.

Besides, solar water heaters use solar collectors placed on the rooftop to transform sun rays into solar energy, which can be used to heat water effectively. 

The extensive use of heaters to fulfill domestic, commercial, and industrial needs has increased the demand for the same, benefiting people and the environment.


Important environmental benefits of a solar water heater system

Solar hot water systems are sustainable devices that help you achieve green living and reduce health issues and other complications. While dealing with the benefits of such heaters, it can also be observed that there is increased sustainable community growth and other advantages. 

Zero adverse effects on the environment and their contribution towards maintaining sustainable living have encouraged people to use such devices on a larger scale. Solar hot water systems in Malaysia have gained global attention due to their enhanced quality and efficient functioning. 

The significant environmental benefits of using a solar water heater system are the following:


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The direct heating process of solar water heaters makes them function efficiently without any electricity. Such processes, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions, are one of the significant benefits of a solar water heater. 

As there is an increase in pollution levels due to changes in society, using such sustainable devices will contribute greatly towards a better and safer future. This can be one of the easiest ways to incorporate an eco-friendly environment.


High durability

Solar water heating systems can function efficiently for over 15 years, making them highly durable and effective in fulfilling their main purposes. 

It can be seen that such solar water heaters have a lifespan of 20- 25 years, which is much higher in comparison to electric water heaters.


Simpler installation process

The installation process of solar water heaters is easy and less complex and can be done at affordable prices. Solar appliances are very reasonable and efficient for multiple purposes compared to modern appliances, which work on electricity or gas. 

Since minimal components are present along with the heater (solar collector, storage tank, pipes, pump, and controller), it is possible to install them without expert assistance.


No harmful effects on the environment

The environmental and social benefits of solar water heaters make them unique and highly effective, because there is no emission of any harmful gasses.  

As renewable energy (sun) is utilized to work the system, there is no harm to the environment and people's health. 



Once installed, solar water heaters require less maintenance, making them easy to use. Enhanced performance can be ensured by monitoring it every 3-4 years to see if it works as per your needs and requirements.


Easy availability

The increase in the availability of solar water heaters is one of the other benefits, making it one of the devices in demand in society. Enhanced performance, sustainability, durability, and more have made solar heaters extremely common in households. 



Reducing electricity charges is another important benefit of solar heaters, as renewable solar energy is only used without additional requirements. 

In areas with higher hot water requirements, installing a solar water heater to save on electricity charges can be very beneficial. Even industries like restaurants or hotels requiring hot water prefer using a solar water system.  


All in all 

A solar heater system has become a popular device with multiple uses and advantages based on the user's needs. Solar water heaters available at SolarMate are known for their efficient heat absorption, durability, backup heater, high heat retention, and more.

Additionally, the excellent services provided by SolarMate to customers throughout the process and the enhanced product quality have made them stand out in the competition.    

For further enquiries about solar hot water systems in Malaysia, including solar heater Malaysia prices, please feel free to contact our solar specialists for a full consultation.