Four Reasons to Use Solar Energy in Malaysia

Mon, 14 Jun 2021

Many homeowners and business owners in Malaysia wonder why it is important to use solar energy. Solar energy has become an electricity generation trend. To emphasize the need to start using solar energy, many governments around the world offer initiatives and incentives to encourage people and organizations to use solar energy.

Malaysia is a country with suitable climate for solar water-heating systems and solar electricity generation. It has a high solar energy radiation potential, with the average amount of daily sunshine ranging from six to eight hours. The amount of solar energy is so abundant that solar panels can harness it to generate electricity with minimal effort. Many homes using solar energy systems can easily heat their water and use energy without racking up high energy bills. This situation has made Malaysia an enviable nation with regards to its high potential for solar energy systems.

There are various reasons why you should use solar energy in Malaysia. Whether it’s for economic or environmental reasons, homeowners benefit from using solar power. In this post, we will look at four of these reasons. Sit tight as we give you the details on why you should install solar energy equipment in your home.


1. Renewable Energy

Solar power generates energy from a virtually unlimited source. Unlike the traditional means of generating energy through fossil fuels, solar panels harness the energy from the sun. Every day, the sun emits an enormous amount of radiation, making it a vital source of energy.

Because solar energy is generated from the sun using solar panels, the amount of electricity is massive. You can use it to power your home appliances and lower your energy bill. Given that Malaysia has a suitable climate for solar panels, solar energy is accessible for everyday use.


2. Diverse Application

Solar energy is useful in various ways. The most common application of solar energy is powering electrical appliances in residential homes. However, there are more uses for solar energy than that. Solar energy can produce electricity with photovoltaics or heat areas with solar thermal. Solar energy harnesses the thermal energy of the sun to heat water via solar hot water systems.

Another significant application of solar energy is in areas where there is no power grid. This feature has been of great help to many parts of Malaysia without access to the energy grid.


3. Eco-Friendly

Solar energy is a renewable source, hence it is more eco-friendly than thermal energy. It is the better option for those who want to protect the planet. Companies can install solar panels on rooftops without having to run electrical wires or cords to generate electricity. Unlike thermal engines, solar panels do not require a huge amount of lubricating oil (which releases carbon into the environment), so it has a small carbon print. 

Solar energy is also eco-friendly because it does not require any sort of fuel to generate electricity. Fossil fuels emit the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, increasing its concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Solar panels harness solar energy from the sun to produce electricity. They do not release carbon dioxide into the environment or pollute the air. More so, solar panels are made from materials that do not pose a threat to the planet. 


4. Lower Electricity Bills

Utilizing solar energy is a good way to save money on energy bills. By using solar energy instead of relying on a utility company, you can reduce your utility bills by up to 50% per month. As long as there is sunshine, you can generate electricity to power your home’s electrical appliances. Solar energy is free to use. 

Solar panels also require little or no maintenance, saving you lots of money. 


Final Takeaways

Solar energy is a good way to save on utility costs, save the environment from pollution, generate unlimited electricity, and power diverse electrical equipment such as solar heaters. Get a solar panel today and start reaping the outstanding benefits solar energy has to offer. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us