How to Choose an Air-to-Water Heat Pump for Your Home

Tue, 2 Aug 2022

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular in many countries. Many homeowners now use them to heat up their water source. 

They offer an energy-efficient alternative to electric heaters and furnaces. Because they do not utilize fossil fuels to generate heat, they are considered environmentally friendly. 


How Do Heat Pumps Work? 

Heat pumps work by moving air from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. They are used to either cool or heat spaces. A stand-alone air-to-water heat pump can pull heat from air and transfer it to water via heat exchange. 

Criteria to Follow When Choosing an Air-to-water Heat Pump

Not everyone knows the important elements to keep an eye out for when buying a heat pump. In the long run, this can cause them to install the wrong heat pump, which translates to pouring money down the drain. 

The following are some of the ways to choose the right heat pump.


Ways to Choose the Right Heat Pump

1. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a vital factor when shopping for an air-to-water heat pump. It is determined by measuring the Energy Factor, which considers the heater efficiency in terms of hot water produced over hot water consumed daily. 

In addition, the value takes into consideration the heat loss in the cycle due to the speed of heat transfer from the pump to the water. Before you buy the heat pump, ensure that these factors are satisfactory.


2. Overall Costs

Consider the total economic impact of installing a heat pump water heater. This includes the cost of purchasing the heat pump water heater, the amount of money needed for installation and maintenance, and energy costs.

Buying and installing a heat pump water heater is a serious investment, but it will be beneficial in the long term—users enjoy lower electricity bills and efficiently generate heat in their homes. Before making a purchase, ensure the device will fit the installation space in your home.


3. Air-to-Water Heat Pump Professional Installation

Installation of an air-to-water heat pump is easy but must be done by a professional. This is a requirement by many air-to-water heat pumps to ensure that they are properly installed, thereby allowing users to derive value for their money. Contact SolarMate to ensure you choose a value-added installation package. 


4. Heat Pump Noise

The amount of noise an air-to-water heat pump makes must be taken into consideration. An air-to-water heat pump generates noise during mechanical air circulation around the machine. 

Noise levels are approximately up to 40 to 60 decibels. Older and larger models generate more noise. Moreover, the amount of noise a heat pump makes should be taken note of when one is choosing the installation location.


5. Hidden Costs

Some air-to-water heat pumps have hidden costs. These include installation costs and more. Your geographical location can influence the cost of installing a heat pump.

Thus, make sure that you ask about every associated cost before making a decision.


Final Takeaway

Air-to-water heat pumps provide users with an efficient hot water system at an affordable cost. The SolarMate Electroheat Hot Water System (HWS) is a highly efficient way to heat water. 

It adopts a heating methodology that employs an ambient air source. Additionally, it uses unwanted and available heat to heat a hot water system to save electricity. This saves energy costs in the long run.

The SolarMate Electroheat Hot Water System (HWS) offers efficient heating because it uses only a portion of the energy used by gas and electric heaters to generate the same amount of heat. This water heater is environmentally friendly. 

It does not emit carbon, as it doesn't rely on electricity powered by fossil fuels. With the SolarMate Electroheat Hot Water System (HWS), homeowners can always enjoy hot water on demand.