Getting to Know Heat Pump Compressors

Wed, 29 Jun 2022

The heat pump is rapidly becoming the go-to heating and occasionally cooling device to deliver sustainable heat to residential and commercial facilities while lowering energy consumption, energy costs, and carbon footprints. 

Heat pumps provide heat to a home or commercial facility’s hot water system similar to a furnace or boiler bar that does not utilize fossil fuels.

It functions by capturing heat from the outdoors and releasing it into an indoor space. For a heat pump to function, there must be a compressor. A compressor is the basic functional unit of a heat pump. It is what determines energy efficiency.


Types of Compressors

Compressors come in various designs for different applications. Two of the most popular types are scroll and rotary compressors. In this section of this article, we will look at how they differ in terms of features.

Scroll Compressors

Scroll compressors are positive displacement compressors that work by internal compression. Air is drawn in through an inlet, trapped, reduced in volume, and discharged at the outlet port. 

Scroll compressors are used primarily on refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. They employ two or more spirals or scrolls for the compression of the working fluid. These scrolls move in a circular motion using a vibratory link to remain stationary.

When the fluid gets into the scrolls, it is trapped in between them. The compression process begins when the rotary scrolls rotate.

Rotary Compressors

Rotary compressors work by trapping air between two meshed rotors and limiting the volume of that trapped air as it moves through the rotors. 

There are oppositely oriented slide valves at the suction and discharge sides of the machine to release the trapped air from the outdoors into the indoor environment.


Benefits of Using a Scroll Compressor

1. Durability

Scroll compressors do not have as many working parts like other types of compressors. Because of this, fewer breakdowns are likely to happen. This, in turn, means the compressor is very durable.
More so, as the scrolls become worn, they work better by preventing more air or refrigerant from escaping. The parts are less complex and are easy to maintain.

2. Low Maintenance

Because scroll compressors have fewer moving parts, they don’t need as much maintenance. Even when there is a need for repairs and maintenance, the cost is very affordable. 

3. Quiet Operation

The fact that scroll compressors have few moving parts means they operate more quietly than other types of compressors. 
Users will notice a low hum when the compressor is working. You can sleep or rest without any interruptions from your heat pump.


Benefits of Using a Rotary Compressor

1. High Versatility 

Rotary compressors are more versatile than scroll compressors because they provide a higher volume of compressed air. This means they can be used for various industrial and commercial applications because they can compress and cool more air. 

In addition, the high capacity of rotary compressors makes them ideal for the large central units of air conditioners.

2. Extreme Noise Control

When it comes to ultimate noise control, hardly any compressor will match rotary compressors. They are very quiet when they are operating, such that people hardly notice they are running.


Final Takeaways  

Scroll and rotary compressors are the two most popular compressors for those looking to heat their homes or commercial facilities. 

Those who want a high-capacity compressor with high noise control for commercial and industrial purposes will find the rotary compressor to be a great choice. 

Meanwhile, scroll compressors are ideal for those who want a compressor that is cheap to maintain and easy to install.

The SolarMate’s Electroheat Hot Water System (HWS) is a device that utilizes ambient air to generate heat energy. It is noiseless and doesn't emit carbon, which means it produces hot water in an environmentally friendly manner. 

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