7 Reasons Why You Should Take a Hot Shower

Thu, 1 Apr 2021

men taking hot water shower

For many Malaysian homeowners, having a hot water system in their houses is a necessity. It comes in handy during the chilling months of the year, especially during the monsoon season. To stay warm, many prefer to take a hot shower. Moreover, many people in Malaysia have opted for a solar hot heater system due to its lower utility cost and environment friendliness. 

Apart from staying warm, taking a hot shower comes with many health benefits, which have been echoed by various medical experts.

In this post, we will reveal to you why taking a hot shower is beneficial to your health.  


1. Improves Blood Circulation

Immersing the body in hot water has been medically proven to enhance blood circulation and is an important exercise to facilitate blood circulation. Hot water is a good vasodilator and dilates the vessels, thereby improving the rate at which blood travels through the body to support the function of organs and muscles. This is where having a consistent supply of hot water with the use of solar water heaters comes in handy.

Hot showers can be used to treat muscle aches and pains. It also exerts physical pressure on the body and goes a long way toward improving the working capacity of the heart. 


2. Lowers Blood Sugar

Submerging one's body in hot water is a veritable way of lowering blood sugar level. This is the reason why diabetic patients are medically advised to take hot baths. Hot water triggers more glucose to be flushed out of the body, thereby maintaining a healthy sugar level.

But if you have a serious heart condition, you should consult your medical provider before adhering to this method. This is because hot water increases the heart rate, thereby potentially putting the patient in a precarious situation. If the doctor gives a nod to taking up this medical method to lower your blood sugar, then go for it.


3. Helps to Improve Sleep

If you are having a hard time sleeping, taking a hot shower will help you fall asleep more quickly. According to a study, taking a hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime could help you fall asleep more quickly. A drop in body temperature signals the body that it is bedtime. It reduces the core body temperature, making it easier for people to fall asleep. Furthermore, it improves sleep quality.


4. Lowers Blood Pressure

Soaking the body in hot water has been proven to be a good way of lowering blood pressure. It is also a good way to improve heart conditions.

The heat from the water warms the body, thereby improving blood circulation. Heat also expands the blood vessels, minimizing the blood circulation pressure exerted on them and leading to a drop in blood pressure. Before going for this blood pressure reduction solution, you should ensure that you meet your medical doctor, especially if you are having a serious heart condition. In no time after getting yourself immersed in hot water, your blood pressure will be at a healthy level.


5. Soothes Irritated Skin

Hot water is surprisingly effective against itchy and irritated skin. If you are having skin rashes or any sort of skin condition, applying hot water to the affected areas can help.

Hot water is also a good skin moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying and cracking. Warm water leaves the skin moist for a long period after taking a bath to prevent it from drying up.


6. Helps to Breathe Easier

Taking a hot water bath is a great way to improve how you breathe. The steam from hot water goes into the sinuses and chest and cleans them, paving the way for an easy flow of oxygen.

When a hot water bath is taken, the heart beats faster, the blood vessels dilate and oxygen intake is enhanced.


7. Elevates Your Mood

For people battling with depression, a hot water bath can prove to be a remedy in getting them back to a cheerful mood. Getting into a hot water bath can melt away your worries and anxieties. Hot water releases cortisol - a stress-causing hormone - levels in the body, making you feel relaxed and happy.


In a Nutshell 

Having a hot water system in your home has many benefits. This is especially true for a solar water heater, which is also one of the best investments you can make for your property. With a good hot water system in place, you stand to reap all the health benefits discussed above. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.