How to Preserve Hot Water at Home

Wed, 24 Feb 2021

The need to get instant hot water is mounting up in many Malaysian homes. Not many can afford to exercise patience to wait for their shower water to heat up when they are running late to someplace or being in a chilly weather.

When the hot water tap is turned off, the hot water remained in the pipes eventually cools down. When you reopen the tap, the cool water in the pipe is drained off to make way for the hot water from the storage water heater to come through. This can take several minutes. Many people dread such as inconvenience.

However, you will be surprised that there are solutions to keep the water in your water storage tank hot at all times. Below, we will walk you through the various techniques to preserve hot water at your home and use it at any time you desire.

a. Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Are you looking for a way to deliver hot water to the faucet instantly? The hot water recirculation pump is the answer. The recirculation pump keeps hot water at the faucet ready for use. This innovative technique of hot water preservation is installed close to the faucet.

When hot water in the pipes has cooled down, it sends back to the tank water heater and is replaced with a fresh supply of hot water. This recirculation saves time and reduces the amount of water wasted.
Water recirculation pumps are activated by timers, implying that the system can automatically turn off when no one is at home and saves your utility bills.

b. Point-of-Use Tank Water Heaters

A point-of-use tank water heater supplies hot water on demand close to where they will be used such as showerheads and sinks. They are usually used to supply hot water from a tank water heater that is distant from the house.
Being small and compact, they are installed in a plumbing system. This technique eliminates the waiting time for hot water to move from a tank water heater far away from the house and saves energy along with utility bills. 

c. Solar Water Heaters

Another widespread alternative to preserve hot water in many Malaysian homes is the use of solar water heaters. The use of renewable energy does not only keep water in homes near-instantaneous ready, they also save energy considering their utilization of the sun's UV rays to heat water.  

Solar heating panels are installed, which turns solar energy to heat energy ensuring your home is regularly supplied with hot water. It works best for homes that are situated in areas with warm climatic conditions as they have sufficient sunlight. In tropical countries such as Malaysia for instance,  solar heaters are commonly used.  

d. Point-of-Use Tankless Water Heaters

Unlike the whole-home tankless water heater, a point-of-use tankless water heater, as the name implies, is installed near the point where hot water is demanded. Contrary to tank water heaters, that holds hot water for use, the point-of-use tankless water heater starts working immediately the faucet is turned on. 

When the tap is turned, cold water travels through a pipe into the tankless water heater where it is heated with a gas burner or an electrical. The electric-powered tankless water heaters are slower than those powered by gas flames. This is convenient when the tank water heater capacity falls short of delivering hot water around the house simultaneously.

e. Demand Hot Water Systems

The demand hot water system is an alternative to the hot water recirculation pump that is installed without performing significant changes to the plumbing system. A pump is attached to the hot and cold water lines that are farthest from the water heater.

At the push of a button, the cool water is recirculated back to the water heater through the cold water line, and the hot water is simultaneously supplied from the water heater through the hot water line.


f. Structured Plumbing

Structured plumbing is another way to always, get hot water around your house. In this water heating system, the water heater is situated in the centre of the building. The switch of the hot water pump is turned on whenever hot water is needed and it will be delivered instantly.

In a Nutshell 

Upgrading the water heating system in your home is a wonderful investment to make to save you time, energy, and utility bills. To get any of these hot water preservation systems installed in your home you need the assistance of experienced and well-trained technicians.

Please feel free to contact our specialists for any further enquiries.