When Hot Water Solution Meets Sustainability

Wed, 7 Jun 2023

These days, most homes come with at least one water heater system installed. From a luxury feature in the past, water heating has gradually evolved into a necessity for modern-day households. Regardless of how common it has become nowadays, household water heater, like many other heating appliances, remains a high energy consumption item and may very well put a dent in our monthly electric bill.


Moreover, generating the needed electricity to power up domestic water heater systems can be quite detrimental to the environment in terms of the greenhouse effect or carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. Even though one water heater system alone may seem relatively harmless, we need to look at the big picture. Let’s put this into perspective. According to the Solar Energy Laboratory of the University of Wisconsin, an average four-person family with an electric water heater requires about 6,400 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year to heat water for their home. Now, imagine a row of 10 houses, then, a small neighbourhood of 50 households. What if we expand to a town, a district, a city, a state or even the whole nation? Simply put, the numbers can be overwhelming.

Hence, in addition to serving its fundamental function of providing hot water to households, a top-tier hot water system by today’s standard needs to be power-efficient, cost-saving and environmental-friendly. As a well established supplier and manufacturer of solar water heating solutions, SolarMate, indisputably fits the bill. Solar water heating solutions harness renewable thermal energy from the Sun to generate the electricity needed to heat water for households.

Metrogen, Bandar Nusaputra
Metrogen Sdn. Bhd. is a property developer in the Klang Valley, with townships and projects in Puchong. As a responsible and environmentally conscious property developer, Metrogen is always looking for ways to help reduce carbon footprints and sustain the environment.
At the time, Metrogen was developing Phase 3 of its Reflexion Pool Villa development. In fact, by the time Metrogen approached SolarMate for its services, the project was already at 80% completion. Therefore, two, arguably the two most crucial criteria that Metrogen was seeking were the ease and speed of installation. The ease of installation was aimed at not affecting the ongoing construction work, as well as not accidentally
causing any complication to the already-built portions of the development. The speed of installation, on the other hand, was intended to not hold up the schedule of project completion at its final phase. Besides, other requirements of Metrogen included adding value to its development
to attract potential homeowners, for instance, providing a greener home and a more sustainable neighbourhood.

SolarMate was chosen for various reasons. For one, SolarMate has excellent track records and over 30 years’ worth of experience in solar systems. Besides, SolarMate offers competitive prices for top-tier products and services. SolarMate is also renowned for its competent after-sales service and support. Moreover, SolarMate collaborated with Metrogen a couple of years back during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project development.
Satisfied with its products and services, Metrogen was more than pleased to engage SolarMate once more with Phase 3 of the project.

For Metrogen’s Reflexion Pool Villa – Phase 3, SolarMate provided the SolarMate Classic, an affordable but in no way less efficient model among SolarMate’s series of solar heating solutions. With SolarMate Classics installed, future homeowners of Reflexion Pool Villa can enjoy seamless supplies of hot water, rain or shine. At the same time, they can enjoy the benefit of a reduced electrical bill. What’s more, residents of Reflexion Pool Villa can chip in on the effort of preserving this beautiful earth.

Product features of SolarMate Classic
Among SolarMate’s solid line of solar water systems, the Classic series is one of its more economical models. While being affordable, SolarMate Classic provides reliable, cost-efficient heating performance to the public, embodying the perfect balance of power and cost.

The key features of the Classic model include:
• High-heat-absorbance & low-emittance design.
• Laser welded for higher conductivity and closer contact.
• Well-rounded insulation with high-density fibreglass & double silicone sealing.
• A long-time, all-time favourite of Malaysians