The Power of Sustainable Water Heating: How Bulker Industry Can Make a Positive Impact

Wed, 7 Jun 2023

Green & sustainable water heating solution
Solarmate heater uses solar energy to heat up water. Well suited with FGV’s policy of promoting renewable energy for sustainable future.

Challenges in current situation
FGV Johor Bulkers has large warehouse for oils and fats storage. It requires ample hot water to clean and remove oil from equipment and  machineries.

Currently, gas boilers is used to cater for the tremendous energy required for daily operation. This amounted tohigh fuel usage and costs as global fuel cost increasing. Solarmate solar heaters will supply 70°C hot water for substance easier to clean; whereby other industrial process that requires higher temperature, solar heater act as a pre-heater to supplement and reduces gas boiler operation time.

Installation of solar heaters
FGV installation site is carefully studied and install with the most ideal position to maximize sun’s radiation heat. We chose a wide roof area with no shade surrounding, it allows sun showers at all angle. Panels is fitted towards North so energy of sun rises and set can be amassed.

Zero-carbon emissions – Pollution free while energy saving
Reducing carbon footprints is pivotal in preserving the nature by reducing pollution and climate change. Solarmate heaters doesn’t produce  greenhouse gases such as CO2 during its operation.

Utilizing Mother Nature’s gift
Through years of research and experience in manufacturing, Solarmate’s water heating system excels in providing hot water maximizing thermosiphon principle. Solar collector panels harness surrounding heat. Thermal energy is then transfer to water through convection and
stored in a fully insulated vessel to eradicate heat loss. The process doesn’t consume a single watt of electricity.

Conclusion: An energy saving & pollution-free solution
FGV is satisfied with the performance of Solarmate heater where they see a drop in operation fuel cost due to supplement of Solar renewable energy. FGV is happy in this expedition, solving hot waters need amidst of rising fuel cost while reducing carbon footprint in the operation.